New Car Shine Premium Dressing

Why Buy This Product?

  • It’s a Water-based formula
  • High quality dressing and conditioner
  • Delivers new car shine to plastic, vinyl, and rubber
  • Safe for both interior and exterior car parts
  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Finishes with a dry-to-the-touch feel

How It Works

Who doesn’t love the look, feel, and smell of brand new cars. Maintaining that new look and feel comes from using a dry-to-the-touch dressing with no greasy or wet look or feel. New Car High Shine Dressing makes interior and exterior car trim look brand new. The premium water-based cream formula spreads on and penetrates deep to clean, nourish, and protect textured plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces. Gentle cleansing agents lift and separate grease and grime stuck into the surface of the upholstery without any caustic abrasives that destroy the look or feel of the material. Highly-refined UVA and UVB inhibitors reject harmful solar rays that fade, discolor, and crack plastic parts over time. Use New Car High Shine on any exterior or interior car part that is made out of rubber, textured plastic, or vinyl. Make door trim, side view mirrors, tires, and engine bays look factory-new with New Car High Shine. Spread a thin, even coat of New Car High Shine to make dashboards, door panels, and vinyl upholstery look and feel brand new like it did in the showroom.

Best Application Methods For Best Results

Detailers and enthusiasts always ask “Do your tire dressings sling?” The answer is: no premium car care dressings sling if they are not applied correctly. New Car High Shine Dressing is easy to work with, which makes it easy to get perfect results with no messy side effects. Simply squeeze New Car High Shine directly into a foam or microfiber applicator pad, them spread and work into the surface being dressed. Rub New Car High Shine directly into tire sidewalls, dashboards, door panels, and bumper trim pieces until it looks fresh and brand new. The refined formula penetrates deep into the surface, and finishes dry to the touch with no greasy feel. When used as directed, New Car High Shine won’t sling off of tires and all over the side of your car. The shiny new look and smooth feel lasts for weeks on end without attracting extra dirt or dust. Choose Chemical Guys New Car High Shine Dressing for the brand new shiny finishing touch on any modern vehicle.